Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The arrival of Jet Max Cubes!

I mentioned on my post about my daughter's wedding invitations that during the midst of that fun experience I also was attempting to revamp my craft room, which is also a home office.  I'd been going back and forth on whether I wanted the Jet Max Cubes, the Elfa system from the Container Store, or Expedit and other items from Ikea.  Love them all.  But the deciding factor was when Michaels' had all scrapbook storage items 40% off.  So I am now the proud owner of 12 Jet Max cubes, and I really like them. 

I had a hard time deciding where in the room to put them at first. 

Then I moved them to the other wall, in the hopes of replacing the plastic drawers which have become somewhat warped over the years.

Great!  Now I just need more!

Presto!  Six cubes are now twelve, through the magic of another run to Michaels!!

Drawer dividers!  Gotta love 'em!

Woo hoo!  A great way to wrangle wheels and cartridges!

Hmm.  Didn't know I had so much miscellaneous ribbon.  Now if I could just magically change it all into Stampin' Up! ribbon!!!

My first solution for ink pad storage until......

.... my new Color Caddy arrived!

Of course, I owe a super huge thank you to my wonderful husband for letting me get all of these cubes and then putting them all together for me.  Honey, you're the best!!

Thanks for looking.  I appreciate all of your nice comments!  Happy Stamping!


  1. Been organizing my craft area all well..or trying to :) tfs your pics!

    Love the drawer dividers...may I ask where you got them? I know Ikea sells them but they're just too big...need smaller ones for ribbons! you can email me at

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such a nice comment :)

  2. Ohh, i adore looking at other people's storage solutions! Congrats on satisfying your JetMax sweet tooth ;-)

    Following you from SC - Have a great day!

  3. Sheri, your craft room looks great! I have some of those cubes, but back when I bought them, they didn't have those ones that are half paper storage, half little shelves! I may have to make a run there! Thanks for giving us a peek! Also, thank you for the kind comment on my blog!

    chanda stehlik

  4. Just for everyone's information, the drawer dividers are Jet Max from Michaels as well.
    And did you know their ad that starts this Sunday shows 50% off all scrapbook storage??? Can you spell S H O P P I N G T R I P ?????

  5. Your space is really shaping up! Love all the great photos. We're following you back from Thanks for adding us to your blog!


  6. I love your storage solutions! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you from Spring, TX ...Tia Hurt

  7. Sheri,
    Great idea with the JetMax Cubes! I have my kids' toys stored in those. I did get kitchen cabinets from Ikea for my craft space and I do love them! Good luck with getting organized and with your daughter's wedding. I am following from SC. Stop by and visit!

  8. Oh my!! Love all the great storage space! It's perfect. #271 following from Stampin' Connection.

  9. What great storage ideas and the tip on the 50% off.......awesome! TFS.

  10. your room looks great! thanks for following me, I am now a follower of you!

  11. so jetmax makes the they come with the cubes or you buy them separate...

    also my blog has come giveaways right now...stop in

  12. Sheri, I love your storage solutions, I use cube style shelves myself, but they are all uniform one size and I use baskets for holding stuff, I love the little drawers and shelves in those units. I don't think they are available in Australia though. : ( Oh well, I'm doing ok. Cheers, Kasey ~ in Oz