Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WOYWW 244 / Jewelry Fun

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It's time for our weekly WOYWW trip to see creative desks courtesy of Julia at Stamping Ground.  Be sure to pop over there and check it out!

When I got brave and ventured into jewelry making last year, I immediately fell in love with making cute and quick earrings.  Of course, now I have so many pairs that I need to sell that I feel guilty when I make more.  Has that stopped me from making more?  Of course not!

The state of my desk today.

Gorgeous orchid stardust pearls and lucite flowers.  I just love these!

Vintage looking antique bronze butterfly connectors and Astral Pink Swarosvki rounds.  So pretty.

More stardust pearls.  Did I mention I love these???
I'm making sweet and simple stretch bracelets to go with these pretty little earrings.

I know many of you also sell your wares online.  What is your best selling strategy and which social media outlet do you have the best luck with?  Please comment below and let me know.

Thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate all the wonderful comments everyone leaves. Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh, pretty earrings there! I love the pinky ones and also the stardust beads, they are LUSH!! I'm such a magpie, anything that sparkles makes me happy :-) I make jewellery and assorted beady projects too. I now have far too many earrings but hey, it could be shoes which would be a lot more expensive ;-)
    Thanks for dropping by,
    LLJ 33 xx

  2. SO pretty--no wonder you can't help making more!!

    Happy woyww to you,
    #86 this week with
    tiny books and snow

  3. Well girly, I don't sell anything, but there are a couple people on my Facebook feed who do a clever thing...having amassed a lot of likers, they do random sales..odd times of day and as a single post...and create a sort of 'get it before it goes' sales fever..very clever! Let me know if you're interested and if you're on Facebook I'll let you have a couple of the pages to look at!! your makes, aren't the earrings pretty!

  4. Lovely earrings, i do like you design and colours. Good luck with selling, don't know anything to help, sorry
    Kim #69

  5. Oh those earrings are so sweet. Lovely.