Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Announcing Tag It Tuesday

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas season and are off to a fabulous start to 2015!  I'm excited to see what this year brings for me.

I'm here today to announce and introduce you to a new feature on my blog.  I am going to be hosting a monthly linky party on the third Tuesday of each month.  I'm calling it Tag It Tuesday!  Once a month I'm inviting you to prepare an altered tag and link it up here.  It's not a contest.  It's not a challenge.  It's just an invitation to have some fun and meet new people!

I'll be providing you monthly prompts/ideas/themes to spur your creative juices.  I plan on using a package of #5 shipping tags that I picked up a few weeks ago.  You can use whatever you have to make your own, and they can be whatever size and shape you choose.  Remember -- the idea is to have FUN!

Although I am a rubber stamper/coloring kind of girl at heart, I'm going to try and branch out into some mixed media techniques, which is completely new for me.  My friends over at the Kraafters Kommunity on Google + have been a true inspiration and encouragement to me.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to come over there and join in.  You won't be sorry!

I'll bet you'd like to know what the theme for January is going to be.  Can you guess??  New Year, of course, with a splash of silver and gold!  New Year, rebirth, renewal....anything along those lines.  I have some super sparkly gold and silver washi tape I'm itching to use on my tag!!

Get your creative ideas flowing now and invite your friends!  The link up post will be published on January 20th for you to add your beautiful creation to.  I am soooo excited to see all the creative genious out there!

For some inspiration, I have created an Altered Tag Pinterest board.  As we go along each month, I'll be pinning everyone's tags there as well.

Thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate all the wonderful comments everyone leaves. Happy Crafting!


  1. okay - I think I can accept this challenge and use tags...maybe I will do it all month ling in January even. You totally inspired me to try!

  2. Eeewwwh Sheri, this sounds like fun! I think I may have to add this to my already lengthy challenge list for each month, but what's one more right???? Thanks for the FUN opportunity! Can't wait to see all the yumminess! :) Blessings

  3. Will try to tag along! Just make sure you post a reminder!

  4. I am sure I need another challenge :) count me in!

  5. Okay. Not making promises I can't keep but this sounds like fun.

  6. Awww, sherry, I can't take on anything more...but I will watch along and add my two cents' Ok?