Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Thank you for visiting my blog!  I've been hooked on rubber stamping and card making for years.   I think crafting runs in my blood!  
It seems there is always an occasion where sending a card is the perfect solution.  My mom raised my brother and I to always send thank you cards when we received gifts even as young children.  It was "the right thing to do" and probably was the start of my relationship with greeting cards.  Thanks, Mom!  (And, yes, I tried to instill this in my own kids without as much success!)

As a church ministry assistant, I know occasions arise almost everyday in church life where a card is the right response.  Many of the cards I make have been geared towards church life or themes that are appropriate to send from the church office or ministry.  Of course, I also make blank note cards, thank you cards and other items that are perfect for anyone to use, either personally or professionally. 

I've recently gotten re-energized about card making and my first "adventure" in Texas with my cards is that the extreme and prolonged humidity causes chaos with my card making, or should I say, my card assembly!  At least, I guess that's the problem.  It seems my tried and true adhesives are not cutting it here and I'm guessing that's because the cardstock has absorbed so much moisture over time.  My newest weapon in the fight against humidity is the 9" Xyron Creative Station.  So far, it seems to be solving the problem of layers peeling off the cards.  (Check it out at http://www.xyron.com/enUS/Home/default.html .)

Since I am just returning to SU, you'll notice many of my stamp images are retired sets.  But hey, they still make great cards! 

Thanks again for visiting and have a wonderful day!

Birthday Cards:

Inside sentiment:

Inside Sentiment:
Today is God's gift
to you.....
Each day you are God's gift
to me!

Inside Sentiment:
May the simple
joys of life
fill this special day
and be yours throughout
the coming year.

New Baby Cards:

Inside Sentiment on all:
A baby is a gift from
heaven above --
bringing joy down to earth,
filling hearts full of love.

Sympathy/Thinking of You:

Inside Sentiment:
May God's love
heal your sorrow, and may
His peace replace your
heartache with
warm and loving memories.

Get Well Cards:

Inside Sentiment on Both:
Hoping that each day
finds you feeling
more and more
like your wonderful self!

Christmas Cards:

Inside Sentiment:
Rejoicing with you
in the miracle
of Christmas.

Inside Sentiment:
Christmas Greetings
from our house
to yours

Inside Sentiment:
Wishing you a
never-ending season
of love and peace.

More to come!

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