Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blogger's remorse and telepathic dogs

Now that I've started a blog, I feel a bit foolish.  Will anyone look at it?  How loud are they laughing at it/me?  Will I have anything even a teensy bit entertaining to say?  I look at some of the blogs/websites that I love and wonder if I can ever produce anything even half that cool.  I guess time will tell (and initiative, creativity, knowledge, etc., will also "tell")!

Ok, so maybe you're wondering about the heading of this post.  For those of you that don't know me personally, I am a bonafide "dog person."  I currently have three dogs.  At the moment, two of them (I'm convinced) are sending me telepathic messages that sound something like ..... FEED ME ..... IT'S AFTER 4PM ..... FEED ME .....

And who are these canine telepaths, you might be wondering?

Drum roll please ..........................................

This is Jazz, who we fondly refer to as our Floppy Boston Terrorist.  He was pretty young in this picture, but he's still totally adorable.  And no, his ears never went up like they were supposed to.  Just adds to his charm!

This is Ginger.  She showed up in the middle of December as a stray when we still lived in Missouri and it was super cold.  She was scared, cold and hungry.   We're pretty sure someone just dumped her.  But, no worries....she's not cold or hungry anymore.  Scared .... well, that's another topic for another day .....

And this is Tippy, our Boglen Terrier.  For those that don't know what that is, it's one of those hybrid "designer" breeds and is a cross between a Boston Terrior and a Beagle.  She seems to have more of the beagle personality and voice, but the sweetness of the Boston.  She's Daddy's Girl!  She just popped into the room and sent me a telepathic message as well!

So, I'm off the feed my canine companions!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! 

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