Saturday, January 5, 2013

Here's to an organized New Year!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I hope you all had a really wonderful holiday season and your new year is off to a tremendous start.

All throughout the land, people are making resolutions for 2013.  I've never been a fan of that, however, this year I am trying to make some changes.  You can find all sorts of organizational challenges for the new year on the internet, such as A Bowl Full of Lemons.  There's a plethora of great information out there.

As my online business continues to pick up (Etsy and Tophatter), I want to be sure I'm more organized and operating like a "real" business.  I want to be more deliberate and scheduled about the things I'm doing, rather that just winging it!

So today, the purge and clean was on and this was mid-mess creation/deletion:

I think there's a desk surface under there somewhere!!

Whew!  This looks better and more functional!  You should see the big ole bag of trash I generated!!

I cleared off this little cart, where I used to pile bills to be paid and a spiral notebook where I kept a running ticker of that, no to mention other assorted junk important stuff.  All of the bill stuff has been put in a 3 ring binder now.

This little basket is my "shipping basket."  It's been sitting on the floor, and constantly getting moved around.  I have in here my receipt book, cello bags and organza bags for packaging, ribbon to make it look pretty, packing tape and little freebies I include with all orders.

I made these little boxes for something -- don't remember what -- and they've just been sitting around.  Now one has a little assortment of washi tape I use to pretty up my little packages, and the other has an assortment of tags that I either use or include as a "gift" with my orders.

The next major area that needs attention is the closet.  It's not necessarily that it is unorganized, but that there is a lot of stuff in there I never touch or use.  Especially books and reference materials.  I need to sort through those in merciless fashion!

This little shelf next to the closet isn't in bad shape.  The wicker baskets house retired stamp sets, and the two tier basket on top was used in the craft mall display I had.  The wicker baskets in each of its tiers hold various completed paper projects that I'm either selling or using as free gifts with shipments.

This area of Jet Max cubes most of you have seen pictures of before.  Not much has changed there, except I added the plastic drawers units on top of the center section (they were elsewhere in my room), and I had to make room for my new Cricut machine.  It's not the best or biggest spot for it, but it's all I could spare for surface space right now.

Ok, so maybe there's one other spot the needs a little attention!  My poor work desk has stuff all over it at the moment.  Plus, I had pulled out all of my stamp sets that had hearts or anything remotely Valentine related and they are currently sitting on the floor. needs help over here.

So what does your new year look like?  What organizational things work for you?  I would love for you to leave me your comments/ideas/suggestions!  Thanks for popping in today!

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