Monday, May 20, 2013

How do you sell your stuff??

Happy Monday Everyone!

Surprised to see a post from me??  Me, too!!
From Millan.Net

Trying to get back in the swing of things.  And you may notice a new "page" addition to the blog titled "Jewelry Supplies For Sale."  We all try various ways of online selling, like Etsy, and I'm trying to add my blog into the mix of things.  I will continue to add other pages/items as time permits for my paper products, handmade jewelry and other supply items.  Hopefully I did the "Add Cart" buttons correctly!

Another online selling venue is online auctions.  I'm sure most of you are familiar with Ebay, and some of you may remember me talking about Tophatter and Outbid.  Currently, I'm only selling on Outbid as far as an auction venue goes.  The live auctions can be so much fun, especially with the hosts being on microphone with live audio, and sometimes even with live video.  I am not that brave for the video part, but I've gotten pretty comfortable with being on mic.  When you sign up for a new Outbid account, you get a $5 credit to use on your first purchase.  How's that for an incentive??

I have started hosting morning auctions called "Coffee With Sheri" at 9am CST on Tuesdays and Thursdays .  These are bazaar style, family friendly auctions featuring items anywhere from salon quality nail polish, bath and body items, handmade jewelry, craft supplies and more.  I have a group of sellers participating regularly each week, and I'm always looking for new people to join in.  Here is the link for tomorrow's auction.  I hope you'll pop in and see what it's like.  If you're interested in adding this selling platform for yourself and would like to add to my auctions, please send me your email address.  I'll send you an email invite to my Facebook group page where I have seller information and links for adding to the auctions.  Look for this logo when looking for my auctions:

Now tell us, where do YOU like to sell online??

Thanks for stopping by and have a super day!!

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