Friday, February 26, 2016

Pick A Stick Challenge - February 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!

How are things in your world?  Things have been hectic here.  We sold our house in three days.... THREE.DAYS!  Holy smokes!  After losing the bid on one new place, we finally found another one.  We'll be moving out to the country somewhere around the first week of April, so I've been scrambling trying to work ahead on projects.  Hopefully, nothing major falls through the cracks.

Today, my friends and I, who we like to refer to ourselves as the Fab4 (don't laugh too hard), are publishing our Pick A Stick projects for February.

This is a group we created for monthly art journaling challenges.  Each month, one of us draws from our stash of inspiration sticks to get ten steps to use in order on a project.  That "in order" part always is so difficult for me.

Here are the steps for February:

As always it seems, I did not take still shots along the way during the filming of this project.  You'd think after a while I'd remember to do that, but nooooo!  So be sure to watch the video to see the down and dirty of how I got to this finished project:

This started out as a mop up page in my Canson mixed media journal.  That in itself adds another whole "challenge" to the challenge, trying to make what's already there work!  I also let it dictate my color choices of the other items I used, like the scrapbook paper, napkin, and PITT Big Brush pens.

Here's the video of the whole process:

Be sure to visit Shel, Peg and Lizzie to see their projects as well.

Thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate all the wonderful comments everyone leaves. Happy Crafting!

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  1. Well Sheri, I for one, LOVE your page!! Those colors are "me" colors for sure! You did a fabulous job! :) Blessings