Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOYWW 182, Pick Your Plum, and other stuff

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

How's that for a ridiculous blog post title?  Needless to say, I'm no world renowned writer!!

Well, I'm embarrassed to say this is the state of my desk/room:

It's just plain ridiculous.  I've been working like a crazy person to get stuff ready for a craft show on Saturday.  Now, I'm not doing the craft show.  While that's somewhat a relief because I can slow down a bit, I still have all this STUFF!  So I took the majority of it to the shop where I have a booth yesterday...hence the SU bag on my chair (that was my carry all yesterday).  So today I'm going to clean up a bit and then crank out some Christmas cards.  Most have been farmed out to the shop, so I need more for my Etsy store.  Also for my local Avon store, who allow me to have some cards there as well.

And if you're wondering why I would even post a picture of this mess, it's all thanks to the wonderful Julia at Stamping Ground.  It's our weekly romp around the globe to visit other messy creative work spaces!

On another note, have you heard of Pick Your Plum?  It's an awesome website that has new and fun items and ridiculous prices each weekday.  Today they have these super cool striped straws in four different colors.  Reminds me of an old fashioned soda shop or something.  If you're interested, click through via my link and check it out:  Pick Your Plum.  There's also a pic below you can click on, or in the right sidebar on my blog.

And on another topic.....
Do you all have business/fan pages on Facebook?  I started one recently and it could use some "Like" love.  If you're interested, click on the link below and pop on over to "Like" my page.  If you want me to do the same for yours, post your link in a comment and I'll be sure to hop on over there!!

Cards and More by Sheri

Thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate all the wonderful comments everyone leaves. Happy Stamping!


  1. Wow--even in the middle of your busy, creative mess, your desk and room look bright, fun and airy! Happy WOYWW! --Sandy Leigh #100

  2. love your work area and those drawers/shelving units along the wall they are fab. It looks like a bright and airy space to create. my you sound so busy good luck with the christmas
    cards and I hope to visit again soon ,have a wonderful week x#63

  3. Lovely space. Thanks for sharing. #111

  4. You have some wonderful light in your room! I have a paper cutter just like yours! Have a wonderful week!