Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pantone 2014 Color Series - Day Three

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today we continue our excursion through Pantone's 2014 Spring Colors.  Third from the left, we're exploring Hemlock.  I'm not sure why, but that word makes me think of something along the line of witches and warlocks. 

 According to, hemlock is:


a poisonous plant, Conium maculatum,  of the parsley family, having purple-spotted stems, finelydivided leaves, and umbels of small white flowers, used medicinally as a powerful sedative.
a poisonous drink made from this plant.
any of various other plants, especially of the genus Cicuta,  as the water hemlock.
Also called hemlock spruce. any of several coniferous trees of the genus Tsuga,  native to the U.S.,characterized by a pyramidal manner of growth. Compare eastern hemlockwestern hemlock.
the soft, light wood of a hemlock tree, used in making paper, in the construction of buildings, etc.

Well, now that we have that out of the way, let's see what I have in my supply or handmade stash that would fit in this color category.  This was a tough color for me.  I have lots of green stuff, but nothing that quite matches Hemlock.  So let's pretend I'm taking "poetic license" with this color interpretation, ok???

Well now, the green is a bit bright on this one wine charm.  It's not quite that bright in person, so I must have gotten carried away when I edited this picture.  Shame on me!

This faceted rondelle is more along the lines of peridot green.  Hey, I said this was a struggle for me!

Now this green is a little closer and more true-to-life. Tea for two, anyone???

How about you?  What do you think of Hemlock and do you presently have anything that color????

Thanks for looking at my blog. I appreciate all the wonderful comments everyone leaves. Happy Crafting!

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